Meditation Set 90 SATORI – black – brush circle

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Meditation Set Satori 90 – black – brush circle

The futon / zabuton 90 from the Satori collection is padded with two layers of needled wool. This firm, warming mat relieves the feet and knees when sitting. The ideal addition to the futon 90 is the crescent cushion which because of its ergonomic design, supports the spine and ensures a quiet, relaxed sitting position. Alternatively this futon can also be combined with a round cushion. Further product details can be found under the individual items.

Pictured: futon 90x90 cm, height 3cm; crescent cushion with brush circle height 11cm at edge

Total weight: 3000g

Covers: Border 100% polyester, upper / lower surfaces 100% cotton. Cleaning recommende!
Ticking cushion: 100% cotton nettle, filling organic spelt
Ticking futon: 100% cotton nettle, padding from two layers of biol. new wool (500g/sqm)


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