Organic Spelt

Premium Spelt is solid and adaptable, permeable to air, anti-static and neutralizes moisture. It is insensitive to temperature and decomposition. Simply ideal as a cushioning material.

The actual highlight our premium spelt is that this is a waste product that is obtained during dehulling of spelt. Though sorting out fracture, grain shares, foreign objects and dust, we obtain a new raw material with ideal characteristics in order to fill the seat cushions.

An ecological, renewable quality product. The upholstery of a bottom seat cushion should grant by its nature a quiete and safe seat, which does not give way. The sitter can relax, the pillow provides support and comfort through the quality of its upholstery. Seating problems do not distract from the essentials.

Exactly these characteristics distinguishes spelt as a filler for ground cushion.

It is strong and adaptable, permeable to air, anti-static and neutralizes moisture. It is insensitive to temperature and decomposition. Simply ideal as a cushioning material.

The initially solid depth of the Namasté bottom seat cushions regulates itself in the beginning through use to ideal seat comfort. Refilling a cushion or the removal of husks is ensured by the velcro on the inner cushion.

To fill our bottom seat cushion we use Speltex Premium Spelt.

Organic spelt of premium sorting have undergone selections, in which the smaller husks and the grain fractions are sorted out. They are particularly volume fertile and washable at 60 degrees in a pillowcase!! Before admission to usage, they were heated by the manufacturer to 75 ° C, which gives protection against pest infestation and significantly minimizes the number of spores and germs.

Our Speltex-Premium-Spelt are obtained in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EEC) No. 2092/91. They are checked regularly from LACON - Institute / Offenburg (state-approved inspection body in accordance with EU Organic Farming) to their origin in organic production.

Organic Spelt with Caoutchouc ...

On request, we fill your pillow with spelts that have been impregnated with caoutchouc certified milk. As a result, their quality characteristics are further improved: they are more durable, more resistant to abrasion and optimized in its support function. The permeability for the exchange of air and moisture is retained. This type of filling is especially recommended for pillows and bedding cushions.

Due to many years of experience, we have decided against the use of alternative cushioning materials for meditation cushions. Karpok is not dimensionally stable, the meditator has to adjust his sitting posture repeatedly on the pad. With the continual use of karpok it is matted to clumps. Millet or buckwheat fleece, are significantly heavier than husks and do not have their optimum support characteristics.