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​Namasté - DeSign, that is Sylvia, the source of a thousand lotuses and her soulmate Christoph, both orient walkers and dominated by the spirit of the Love & Peace Generation.

The sewing school of Namasté is in the late 70s at the ashram in Poona, where the two spend one year. Karma, family, music and craft determine the following years.

Then one day, quite unexpectedly, the affairs begin to roll through a single cushion and a simple question: Can you make me a cushion, too?

That is more than fifteen years ago, the rest is history ...

Today Namasté - DeSign is regarded for craftsmanship and exceptional textile design of meditation cushions and futons. Our cushions are evidence of the growing joy to live and work together.

Our credo: A good product is as good as any unimportant trifle thing in it is good. It reflects the inspiration, the craftsmanship and dedication of the people and their work it has emerged through.

Of course there are many other stories to tell, but they have to be told another time ...




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