Care Tips

Cleaning and maintenance of floor cushions and futons Namasté

Like all materials of our everyday life the covering of floor cushions and futons require regular care, as they are also subject to constant dust and contact soiling. In general you should not let become the pollution too intense, to not complicate the cleaning measures and to extend the shelf life. In particular, material-specific cleaning and care instructions of the different material manufacturers must be considered.

Basically you should consider:
In bright colors, the visible pollution is apparently greater than with dark colours, which is why they should be subject to more frequent cleaning.

Normal maintenance
For home use, regular vacuuming is recommended using a vacuum cleaner with an attached upholstery. Stubborn dust or light dirt can usually be removed by brushing with a clothes brush. If that is not enough, dabbing with a damp cloth (do not rub) will help, afterwards let it dry or blow-dry it. Only then brush it or vacuum clean it.

Stains in textile coverings can be most easily removed immediately after emergence. Use a damp, soft cloth to dab, for example, a dry cloth. Treat residues with diluted (see manufacturers' instructions) carpet or upholstery shampoo. Never apply cleaner directly to the cover. The best means is to apply the cleaner on a white cloth. Absorb the stain from the edge towards the center with this cloth. Then dab with a damp cloth and dry shampoo remains with a hair dryer. If insoluble stains occur or remain, it is recommended to dab again with a moistened benzine cleaning solvent white cloth. For water-insoluble stains, please contact your retailer.

If you want to remove stains, test all stain removers (including water!) on a hidden area of ​​the textile covering, to ensure that substances or colors are not affected.

In general:
Covers, which are made of a combination of different materials should be precaution cleaned by a specialist in order to obtain their utility value. Washing by hand or in the washing machine may result in impairment, unless this method is highly recommended as safe.