Here you can find high grade, handmade zabutons, of the highest quality.

The zabuton comes from the Japanese tradition. It is a square padded mat that one even today, in the home. In Zazen, the traditional Zen meditation, the zabuton serves as a base for the meditation cushion(Zafu).

The padding of the zabuto is soft and firm. It protects the feet and knees of the meditator, when sitting, from pressure or cold.


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Futon/Zabuton SATORI – 80x80x5cm – black

Product no.: 6351005

Zen meditation futon for leg relaxation

155.00 *

Futon/Zabuton SATORI – 90x90x3cm – black

Product no.: 6352005

Zen meditation futon for leg relaxation

150.00 *
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