Meditation Set 80 SATORI – black – brush circle

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Meditation Set Satori 80 – black – brush circle

The futon / zabuton from the Satori collection is padded with four layers of cotton fleece. It is firm, yet soft and comfortable. For this, the ideal combination is the small round cushion, diameter 30cm, height 12 or 16cm. This set supports the upright sitting as well as the kneeling position. Further product details can be found under the individual items.

Pictured: futon 80x80cm, height 5cm at edge

Round cushion with brush circle diameter 30cm, height 12cm at edge
Total weight: 4400g

Covers: Border 100% polyester, upper / lower surfaces 100% cotton
Ticking cushion: 100% cotton nettle, filling: premium organic spelt
Ticking futon: 100% cotton nettle, padding with four layers of biol. cotton fleece


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