Crescent cushion DARSHAN NEO – Lotus – various colours

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Meditation cushions Darshan Neo – Crescent – Lotus - various colours

We have chosen a cotton and linen material for the covers for these cushions. A proven, classical material which combines the benefits of cotton and linen.

Cotton is kind to the skin, has a low allergie potential, regulates the temperature and is absorbent. Linen is naturally bactericidal, stain-resistant and almost anti-static. Both components are natural fibers and therefore renewable recources. These textiles feel healthy, are longlasting and extremely durable.

Cotton and linen material with its natural properties can, with a good conscious be called ecological. When used for cushion covers it hardly wears off. It rarely needs cleaning, is biologically and energetically safe.
 A handmade cushion made of this type can last a lifetime.

"Darshan Neo" is available in twelve - gently dyed - pastel colours decorated with original Namaste embroidered motifs.

The cushion covers can be removed for cleaning. The height can be adjusted according to requirement.
Cushion filling: Premium spelt
Further information under " Care instructions "
Covers: Cushions 63% cotton, 37% Linen
Ticking: 100% Cotton

Width 42cm, depth 25cm height 11 cm 
Weight approx. 1200g


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