Quality Characteristics

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A wise man once said: There are many ways to produce good things cheaper and worse. With the original meditation cushions from Namasté - DeSign the opposite is the case. There is none better!

Namasté bottom seat cushions have been developed with ergonomic and aesthetic aspects and to this day we continue to improve them through many years of experience.

All pillowcases are equipped with zipper and carrying strap. The seats and floor areas are reinforced with nettle and padded as needed. All seams are double stitched, linked and additionally stabilized by a gold edge on the inner seams, everything of course by manual labor.

For our individual collections and selections we choose exclusive materials, and fine tune visual and functional components.

Silk applications as found on Namasté meditation cushions are absolutely unique in Germany. The design language as well as the artisanal effort - not to mention the loving energy with which they are manufactured.

Our inner cushions are filled with Speltex Premium Spelt kbA which are even washable at 60 ° degrees! You'll get no better spelts anywhere else. Premium spelts adapt without yielding by their special quality characteristics and therefore enable persistent, fatigue-free sitting.

A velcro on the inner cushion allows to adjust depth and stability for individual sitting habits.

For the upholstery of our futons we use cotton fleece or quilted wool. The decorative cushions are filled with down feather or as needed with foam flakes.

Our bottom seat cushions and futons are available in every possible individual sizes. On customer order Namasté - DeSign manufactures cushions with your own designs and provides individual advice and practical support in the configuration of your rooms.

Original Meditation cushions from Namasté - DeSign are personal cushions - for a small eternity