Meditation Cushions



In this section you will find a selection of handmade meditation cushions and need-based yoga cushions, filled with premium spelt. Please take the necessary time to choose your personal floor cushion or meditation set according to your requirements to enable you to meditate calmly and sitting  in the correct position.

Think about the following questions :

Am I practiced?
Which seating position do I prefer?
How tall am I?
Which cushion shape, size and height is right for me?
How do I want to use the cushion?

Suggestions about these questions can be found under the heading " cushion sizes"
Here are some hints to help the search for the appropriate cushion in our shop: Orientate your search using the categories in the upper category bar:

- meditation cushions, cresent cushions and round cushions
- meditation futons
- meditation sets
- decorative cushions
- contract work
- current offers

Or you can use the "Search for" in the heading.
There you can give in the name of the collection, or click on the links below here you can find our products sorted into COLLECTIONS.

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