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Namaste-DeSign makes meditation cushions, floor cushions and yoga cushions with matching futon mats and decorative cushions - for a good fifteen years in our own sewing room.
Particularly close to our hearts is the careful processing of our products by hand.This includes craftsmanship, years of experience and attention to detail. Each handmade cushion and meditation futon that leaves our workshop is an individual item of top quality.

The silk applications found on the original Namaste DeSign cushions are absolutely unique in Germany. This incudes the motifs used and the craftsmanship involved.We use only materials of exquisite quality, and make a conscious effort to combine comfort, design, and colour aesthetics.

Our floor cushions are filled withbest quality organic spelt. Spelt is a breathable temperature regulating material. Because of its own structure it adjusts without giving way and allows the meditator to sit for long periods of time without tiring.

The initial solid filling used by Namaste-DeSign for the cushions, regulates itself during the first weeks of use,  to an optimal comfort. For padding our meditation futons we use layers of cotton fleece or quilted wool. 

As a special service for our customers we can also make individual floor cushions, decorative cushions and futon mats following your own ideas.

Here are some examples:

Yoga cushions in special sizes
Individual floor cushions with you own logo or emblem
Comfortable massage mats and therapie futons as required
Floor cushions for your yoga studio or meditation room
Cushions to support tantra exercises
Special floor cushions for reiki and zen meditation exercises
Health pillows and relaxations pillows as required

Further details can be found under the appropriate headings and by the articles.

Your Namaste-DeSign team


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