Meditation Futons

Meditation Futons



In addition to our cushions we offer in this section of our shop, futonmats and Zabutons in different sizes and heights.

Futon mats serve to relieve the legs while sitting for longer, protect against pressure, cold and give your place of meditation a particular personal touch. The covers can be removed for cleaning.

The ticking used for our Futons and Zabutons consists of a cotton cover with a padding of several layers of quilted wool or cotton. Even the ticking cover is provided with a zip and and can be supplied with additional padding layers if required.

The Zabuton comes from the traditional Japanese Zen Tradition and is used in meditation as a base for the zafu (round cushion). Unlike our futons, the zabutons are padded thicker and have a 5cm height edge.

Info: Standard futons in 80x80x5cm and 90x90x3cm sizes are available in all collections even if pictures are missing! The price is the same for both sizes of futon.


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